Services we provide:

We provide Tiles, Pavers, Slabs fabrication and Tiling within the one place.

  • We are only one of a few businesses in Australia who is able to provide all of these services within the one roof.
  • This hence allows our customers to save time and money, through our ability to provide all of these services in one place.
  • Though we provide all of these services, we are more than happy to work with our clients to provide the amount of services they need for their project.

Highest quality over lowest price principle

  • Within the Natural Stone industry, it is common to see products sold at low prices, with the quality of these products not brought into question.
  • Unlike our competitors we do not strive to sell the cheapest products on the market, however we do strive to sell the highest quality products at competitive prices.
  • As all Natural Stone is unique, the quality of Natural Stone will vary between sellers. Harmony Stone Gallery ensures on every level of our supply chain that we only supply all of our clients with the highest quality products.

Extensive experience within the Stone and Building industry

  • All of our employees have either spent extensive time working within the building or fabrication industry, allowing all of us to understand the best way to work with your Natural Stone product of choice and to enhance the overall experience you have when dealing with any member of our team.
  • This experience also allows us to best advise our clients on which product is most suited to your individual wants and needs.

The combination of our skills and modern machinery allow us to conduct all jobs above industry standard

  • We take pride in all the work we conduct. This is due to our ability to only have skilled and competent employees who understand the material they are working with, as well as the machinery they are using to produce the best possible work for all of our clients.

Our Showroom/Warehouse are conveniently located

  • Unlike many others in the Industry who operate out of highly inconvenient locations, we are located in Marrickville 6km from the heart of the CBD. Our centralised location ensures that we are conveniently located. Our location also ensures that we can provide delivery services at a lower cost than our competitors.

Unmatchable Aftersales care

  • Many firms within the industry will simply sell you a product and provide no care or consultation after the job has been done.
  • We pride ourselves through being different. We will ensure that your aftersales experience with us is as good as your presales experience. We will put in the time and effort to ensure that any queries or concerns are answered.