Harmony Stone Gallery is proud to work with a wide variety of organisations spanning multiple Industries


Novatex is an Australian owned company that manufactures products such as adhesive, render, texture coating and waterproofing.

The company has over 70 years of collective experience in the construction industry to manufacture products that meet the Australian standard and climate as Novatex has developed several unique systems to meet the particular requirements of the Australian Construction Industry.


Miteq are manufacturers of specialized building products, sealers, and cleaners for use on all types of masonry and concrete surfaces, manufacturing sealers for all types of natural and man-made stones ranging from Marble, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone and other cementitious based products. Through their extensive experience within the industry, Miteq has spent over 20 years refining its products providing the best possible product for their customers.

Their extensive range includes:

  • Sealers and adhesives
  • Cleaners
  • Epoxy Resins


Mapei has created an extensive range of products for the building industry to meet with their needs, which includes waterproofing private swimming pools to soundproofing theatres and restoring historic buildings, Mapei has something for every sector of the building industry with products and solutions which guarantee increased ductility and savings in materials and energy.


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