The following are the most commonly used terminologies:

Acid Washed:

Treatment applied to the face of the stone to achieve a distressed or rough texture.


This is a general term used to mainly describe a rustic or distressed texture/appearance.

Brushed Finish:

An aging process that gives a smoother more worn appearance to certain typed of stones. This is mostly used on unfilled travertine and sandstone.


The process of cutting the initial block of stone parallel to the natural bedding plane, this term is mostly used to describe Travertine.


A resin or grout is used to fill the holes that naturally exist in travertine, this creates a flat/smoother surface.


An intense treatment that a marble/granite material undergoes high heats as a form of aging. This creates a slightly rough and distressed finish that helps give a non-slip surface to very hard natural stones.


A smooth surface finish that has little to no gloss (matt).


Amitered edge gives a seamless look/transition between two stone with angular cuts (45 degrees), with the angle o the cuts being equal to the bisection of the total angle. (mostly used to join waterfalls to benchtops)


The stone is buffed to achieve a glossy, evenly reflective and smooth surface.

Sandblasted (shot-blasted):

A matt and textured finish surface achieved by small sand particles striking the surface of the stone at high velocities.


A common method to give the stone an aged appearance. This process creates an uneven, natural-looking round edge, as well as a textured surface.


When travertine is cut into tiles it creates pits and holes in the surface of the stone where natural air pockets have been exposed. Unfilled travertine is often partly filled during the fitting process with grout. The resulting surface finish is not as smooth as factory filled tiles. Instead, a natural-looking textured finish is achieved.


This is the opposite of cross-cuts, in which the stone is cut perpendicular to the natural bedding plane, exposing the different layers (veins) of the material.

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