One of the most famous natural stones in the world, Sukabumi Green Stone (known also as Pedra Hijau Verde) is perfect for any water feature including indoor and outdoor pools, spas, fountains, and even wall cladding. Sourced from Indonesia, Harmony Stone Gallery is one of very few importers of this show stopping exotic stone in Australia, guaranteeing a personalized tropical appearance commonly seen throughout Bali. Not only does the greenish hue of the Sukabumi tile look particularly elegant, the nonslip material makes it extremely practical and perfect for families.

Sukabumi Stone (pedra hijau verde) also has natural purifying agents for pool water. Zeolites, found in Sukabumi stone are made up of a group of minerals that aid the removal of metals and contaminants (ammonia and humic acid) and help in the overall filtration process allowing for a clean and pristine water feature. Sukabumi stone is temperature stable, which means it doesn’t absorb too much heat on hot Australian days. Sukabumi stone is also slip resistant, minimizing accidents in and around the pool. Sukabumi tiles have a very low moisture absorption rate and strong water resistance. As Sukabumi stone is so impermeable, you don’t need to seal it to guarantee it lasting. Sukabumi natural stone will endure for decades without much upkeep because it has such a strong resistance to scratches and chipping.

Harmony Stone Gallery is one of the only importers of Sukabumi Stone in Sydney and provides Sukabumi stone that you can view here on our website, or preferably visit our Sydney showroom and view the exotic look of Sukabumi tiles for yourself. Our Fabrication team has extensive experience working with Sukabumi stone we stock and will be happy to work with you on how best to use our products in your project.

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