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Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles have a natural way of adding opulence to an area. The blend of earthy colours and individual patterning create an artwork in each tile. The strength and durability of Travertine tiles only add even greater appeal next to ...

Sandstone Paver Fabrication Sydney

Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles have been a leading choice for design and landscaping for many years due to their rich, natural and earthy appeal. Sandstone was traditionally used for its elegance in fine sculpture and architecture, making them an ideal building stone ...

Limestone Tiles Sydney

Limestone Tiles

Limestone has been at the forefront of high quality architecture and design for thousands of years, from the Parthenon in Athens to the Giza pyramids. The warm tones of limestone help create an impressive old-world antique look combined with a ...


Marble Tiles

Marble tiles for flooring or walling can be an easy, classic way of adding luxury to any space. The use of marble brings sophistication to an area and creates a feeling of class and space. Popular uses for marble tiling ...


Basalt Tiles

Basalt tiles, otherwise known as Bluestone tiles have long been a choice for interior and exterior designers for the class and timeless elegance that it brings to any decoration. Basalt is sourced from volcanic rock, making it a dense natural ...


Granite Tiles

Granite tiles have the ability of bringing luxury and grandeur to any space that few other materials can match. A timeless natural stone, Granite tiles often become a focal point of any room. The only thing that contests the beauty ...


Quartz Tiles

Quartz tiles should be a chief contender if you’re looking for durability, reliability and modern elegance for any area of your home. Quartz has steadily become a perfect candidate for kitchen countertops and bench areas alongside granite. Quartz comes in ...