Granite tiles have the ability of bringing luxury and grandeur to any space that few other materials can match. A timeless natural stone, Granite tiles often become a focal point of any room. The only thing that contests the beauty of Granite is its strength, almost unbreakable it is one of the strongest and most durable natural stone choices. Granite is also stain, scratch, heat and mildew resistant. Granite tiles are also antibacterial and can be highly polished, making it ideal for kitchens, entryways, bathrooms, staircases, outdoor pool areas, patios, wall cladding and kerbing.

Granite is durable igneous natural stone that is molded over millions of years by volcanic pressure. Magma tides from volcanic activity slowly cool over millions of years creating infinite unique patterning. During this time, the magma binds with various minerals including quartz to create its "crystal appearance". Coming in a range of shades to work with, you’ll find one that blends perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, flooring and walls.

Harmony Stone Gallery is a leading importer of Granite tiling and provides a range of granite tiles that you can view here on our website, or preferably visit our Sydney showroom and view the magnificence of granite tiles for yourself.

Common Surface Finishes for Granite Tiles

Polished surface: low traffic indoor flooring, wall cladding, counter tops, vanity tops & decorative items
Honed surface: high traffic indoor/outdoor commercial flooring, wash rooms, sidewalks.
Flamed or brushed surface: external flooring, decks, pavements, sidewalks, curb stones, garden benche

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